Qmlativ Migration

Skyward® has shared videos showing the comparison between SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ. You can also find them under SkyDoc > SQ > SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ.


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Upcoming Skyward® S2Q Webinars

Skyward® has announced upcoming SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ Process Overview Webinars! If you're curious about what's entailed with the migration, check out one of their sessions!

All of these sessions will cover the main aspects of migrating from SMS to Qmlativ, by highlighting key tasks and considerations during the following phases:

Each of these phases has essential tasks to complete to ensure a smooth and successful migration. This session is meant to be an open forum for specific questions about the migration process, as well as the Qmlativ system in general.

You can register for Skyward Academy sessions at www.skyward.com/academy.

The Skyward® Migration Center will be your home base as you make the transition. It will take you through three important phases:

To make the migration process as smooth as possible, we highly encourage you to collaborate with your team. Bring in your organization's leaders and key Skyward users so they can give input on the topics that are important to them.

Log into the Migration Center

IL Steering Committee Members that have migrated from SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ

Feel free to reach out to our steering committee members that have completed their migration from SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ.