In a continued effort to improve the Illinois Skyward User Group, we have maintained our dues for FY22 at $300 for each school district. When you become a member school district, you have the following advantages:

    • One representative from each member district can participate in the delegate meeting held at the annual Illinois Skyward User Group held in the fall of each year. Delegates have a voice in the direction the Illinois Skyward Steering Committee moves in throughout the course of the year.

    • The annual fee, due on July 1 and is valid through June 30 each year, entitles the Delegate member to attend the annual Illinois Skyward User Group Conference held in the fall for free. All additional participants from a member district receive a discount for being a part of a member district.

    • Various workshops and professional development opportunities are offered to districts with membership based on the need and demand and at an additional cost.

      • We will be offering free TRS & IMRF workshops along with Skyward Regional informational meetings that any Skyward user can attend.

    • Member districts can have up to two participants apply for the Illinois Skyward Steering Committee.

    • We have added PayPal as an option to make your payment easier.

Please feel free to contact the Steering Committee members with any questions.


The Illinois Skyward Steering Committee

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